Talented members of the Jama’at who have made significant achievements in any academic field in the past year (1st January – 31st December, 2018) are invited to apply for Academic Achievement Awards

Applications are to be submitted (along with required documents) using the online form available below. Paper documents are NOT accepted.

Note: You must submit official copy of the transcript and copy of your degree or diploma. Unofficial copy will not be accepted and your application will not be processed. It is your responsibility to ensure the completed application along with the above documents are received by the deadline. No application will be accepted after the deadline.

Instructions:  (PLEASE READ)

  1. You can submit only once for each accomplishment/award, that you are applying for, duplicates not permitted.
  2. Please only submit for accomplishments, completed/achieved in the year 2018
  3. You must provide all information, complete and correctly, incomplete or incorrect applications will not be processed.
  4. Applications for achievements other than the year 2018 will not be processed.
  5. If you have any questions or concerns please fill out the “Comments” section at the bottom of the form.
  6. Documents are acceptable only in PDF and JPG format as an attachment (please note max size, for each type of attachment)
  7. After submitting your application, you will receive an auto generated email with a confirmation reference number. Check your spam/junk folders if you don’t find this. If you cannot locate it or feel you did not receive an application reference number within 24 hours, please contact us at awards@talim.ca

You can only attach certain number of documents with the application based on level of education. If you need to provide more documents, please fill the form and in comments section mention that more documents will be sent by email. Once you receive the confirmation email, please put the reference number provided in the subject heading and email the documents to awards@talim.ca


You just need to attach only two documents:

  1.  A scanned copy of your original Diploma/Degree ( only scanned copies no pictures please)
  2.  A scanned copy of the official transcript of your Diploma/Degree (No report cards or unofficial transcripts taken from the web). An official
    transcript includes the Registrar’s/Principal’s signature, the School/College/University seal, and the date it was issued. If you do not have the above mentioned two documents kindly do not apply. Your program of study may have ended in the year 2018. However, if you did not get
    your official diploma/degree with the year 2018 written on it, you are not eligible to apply for this year.

We will not contact you to provide these two documents if you do not attach these with your application at the time you apply.

  • Applicants whose diploma/degree is from Pakistan should apply in Nazarat e Talim ,Rabwah, Pakistan. If they are approved they can receive their award here in Canada. Email of nazarate talim Rabwah is info@nazarattaleem.org
  • Applicants whose diploma/degree is not from Canada should apply in the country they completed their program of study. If that country does not have a system of academic awards, such applicants should contact the National Ta`lim Department of Canada for guidance.
  • In grade 12 / IB / CGEP we take best 6 subjects with the average of at least 90%
  • For college diploma: At least 3 years program (full-time) of study with 85% marks
  • For undergraduate degree: At least 80% marks
  • For graduate and postgraduate program: All who have completed their degree program in 2018, and have obtained their degrees, can apply.

Please note that two years diploma is not acceptable for the Academic Awards.

Application Eligibility Requirements: (Application will not be accepted if the criteria is not met)

  1. Grade 6-11: Overall average of 80% or equivalent
    • Result card (only PDF and JPG)
    • Award Letter (only PDF and JPG) (if any received)
  2. Grade 12 & CEGEP: 90% & above
    • Transcripts
    • Awards (if any received)
    • Diploma
  3. College: 85% & above, must have completed a three years program of study leading to a certificate or diploma.
    • Transcripts
    • Awards
    • Diploma
  4. Undergraduate: 80% & above
    • Transcripts
    • Awards
    • Diploma
  5. Graduate & Post Graduate: All
    • Transcripts
    • Official Scores
    • Award
    • List of Publications
    • Research
    • Degree

Application submission starts: January 1, 2019

DEADLINE :February 28, 2019

Fill out my online form.