AES Admissions

AES Admission Policies and Procedures

At AES, admission preference is given to Ahmadi students due to limited space availability. The maximum number of enrolments per class varies depending on the size of the classroom. In the event that the number of applications exceeds the maximum available spots for a given class, admission will be based on a random selection process. To ensure fairness, a computer-based random generator will be used to determine which applicants will receive an offer of admission.

Procedure for Admission in Grade 1

  • AES will begin accepting applications for Grade 1 admissions starting in January.
  • To register for the admission process in Grade 1, parents will be required to fill out an online application form on the Ta`lim Website.
  • The application deadline is May 31 of each year. Late submissions will only be considered if seats are still available after the initial admission process has been completed. Otherwise, the applicant's name will be placed on the waiting list.
  • In June, parents will receive an email confirming their child's admission along with an application form to be filled out and returned to the school by the end of June.
  • Parents must submit all necessary supporting documents before the end of June (please refer to the list of required documents).
  • Priority admission will be given to students who have siblings already enrolled in AES.
  • Classroom teachers may require students to take an assessment test to determine their academic level.
  • If a parent does not accept the Offer of Admission within the specified period, the spot will be offered to another applicant. Priority consideration will be given to applicants who have siblings already attending AES.

Age to Apply in Grade 1

The minimum age requirement for admission to Grade 1 at AES is five years old, turning six by December in the year of entry. However, in exceptional cases, a seven-year-old student who is currently in Grade 2 may also be allowed to apply for admission to Grade 1, subject to a proper review of the case.

Enrollment in Grades 2 to 8

For applicants who apply for Grades 2 to 8, their names will be placed on the waiting list, and they will only be contacted when a spot becomes available in the grade they applied for. Priority consideration will be given to applicants on the waiting list who have a sibling already enrolled in the school.

Required Documents Upon the Offer of Admission

To confirm admission at AES, the following documents are required for enrollment:
  • A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate
  • A copy of the applicant’s Health card
  • A copy of the applicant’s Immunization Record
  • The most recent original School Report Card
  • Documents to prove the legal status in Canada
  • A copy of the adoption documentation if the child is adopted.
  • The legal document to show the foster relationship with the applicant, if the child is in foster care
  • Documents to prove custody, if applicable
  • A signed Registration Form by both parents, except in cases where one parent is deceased.
  • In the case of divorced or separated parents, the parent who applied for admission must obtain a signed copy of the Registration Form from the other parent.

Factors Affecting Decision to Offer Admissions Admission of a Student

Due to the absence of a Special Needs Education Program at AES and for the best interest of the applicant, students with special needs as communicated by their parents cannot be offered admission, as AES cannot fulfill or support their needs. Furthermore, if a classroom teacher determines that a student enrolled in AES requires specialized or individualized support, the parents will be required to transfer the student to a public school that can provide the necessary support.

Admission of a Non-Resident

Please note that the school’s admission policy does not allow for the acceptance of visiting students or individuals without legal status.

Re-admission of Previous AES Students

If former AES students wish to re-enroll and a vacancy is available, they will need to complete the entire admission process again. However, those students who transfer to Hifz schools and complete their program will be granted re-admission to AES.

School and Admission Fees

The following fees are to be paid at the time of enrollment:
One-time Registration Fee$100
First Month’s Tuition Fee: $200
First Month’ School Bus Fee (if applicable): $150
NOTE: all Waqfeen students are required to pay the fees. However, they may apply for a fee reimbursement through National Markaz.

Sibling Discount

  • For two children of the same family at the AES, there is no fee discount.
  • For three children of the same family at the AES, the third child can get a 50% Tuition Fee discount. The bus Fee is charged in full.
  • For four children of the same family at the AES, the fourth child can get a 100% Tuition Fee discount. However, the full bus fee is still charged.
  • Many families would still like to pay for their third or fourth child as they wish to support the AES project.
NOTE: If a family is facing any financial hardship, let them know that they can contact National Ta`lim Office for bursaries that are available through auxiliaries.

School Bus Policy

Bus transportation is available for AES students, and they are given priority for seats. It is expected that all students who use the bus will behave in a safe and respectful manner and follow the instructions of the driver and AES. If a student repeatedly misbehaves on the bus despite warnings, their bus privileges may be revoked.
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New admissions in grade 1 are currently closed.