Application Process 2023

Application of Educational Excellence Awards for 2023

By the Grace of Allah, the National Department of Tali’m is now accepting applications for the Education Excellence Award 2023. These awards will be only given at the occasion of Jalsa Salana Canada (except for Middle School Awards).

Updated Criteria

The criteria for these Education Excellence Awards have been updated for the year 2023 and onwards with the approval of Markaz. To capture the variation of middle and secondary schooling across Canada, the criteria of Excellence has been defined for each province using the information available through the provincial ministries of education. The criterion reflects the evaluation set by each province. If a school district does not adhere to the evaluation criteria set by the province, the case will be reviewed by the National Awards Committee.
Award applications are judged on academic merit alone. ALL candidates must meet the criteria given in the following sections to be eligible for the awards.
All eligible candidates are encouraged to apply.


Important considerations:
— Only completed degrees will be considered.
— Education Excellence Awards will be given in the year the award was applied. Awards cannot be deferred to a later year.
— Education Excellence Awards will be given in Canada and CANNOT be forwarded to be given in another country, for example, at UK Jalsa Salana.
— Awards should be submitted for degrees conferred in the past one year. In exceptional circumstances, students may be able to submit a degree conferred in the past three years. Please provide a reason.

Middle School

Middle school exam (grade 8 in most provinces) is a key milestone in school education and determines the student’s education excellence when entering high school. These awards are recommended to be given at the National Ijtimas of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya and Lajna Ima’illah by the respective auxilliaries. Other grades (6-7 and 9-11) will not be considered for awards.
Middle School Criteria
Grade Threshold
Evaluation Type
Ontario (Grade 8 only)
94% 5 subjects must be 94% or greater
Quebec (Sec II)
90% Grade from Secondary II only
Saskatchewan (Grade 8 only)
Minimum 5 subjects with grade ‘E’
Letter E – Exceeding M – Meeting B – Beginning to meet N – Not Yet Meeting IE – Insufficient Evidence
Alberta (Grade 9 only) (1)
Minimum 5 subjects with Level 4
Numerical Level 4 – Excellent Level 3 – Good Level – Basic Level 1 – Not Meeting
Manitoba (Grade 8 only)
Minimum 5 subjects with Level 4
Numerical Level 4 Level 3 Level 2 Level 1
British Columbia (Grade 8 only)
Minimum 5 subjects with grade ‘Extended’
4 Point Scale Extended Proficient Developing Emerging
Maritime Provinces (Grade 8 only) (2)
We are revising the criteria for each Maritime province. In the interim students should consider the Ontario cut-off.
Notes 1. Alberta operates Junior High School from grades 7-9 and high school starts from grade 10. For Alberta Gr. 9 students will be considered for the middle school award. 2. The various criteria for all Maritime provinces is being worked on and will be updated soon.

High School

Awards for high school, undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate levels will be considered and presented at Jalsa Salana Canada. In the past, scores were converted and standardized to the Ontario province by the National Ta`lim Department. To ensure fairness, province-specific criteria have been developed and will be applied wherever applicable.
High School Criteria
New Grade Threshold
No. Courses to consider (3)
Additional Notes (4)
Top 6 of Grade 12 course
Excludes summer school courses. Average taken on 4U courses only
Quebec (1)
Top 6
Secondary IV and V Final Mark Mark on the Ministère’s achievement record
Top 6
Average taken on 30 level subjects only
Top 6
Average taken on 30 level subjects only
Top 6
Average taken on 40 level subjects only
British Columbia
Top 6
Average taken on 12 level subjects only
Maritime Provinces
Top 6
Average taken on Gr.12 level subjects only
International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program
Score of  40
Advanced Placement (AP) Courses (2)
Grade 4 and above
AP Grade will be converted. Only Grade 4 and above will be considered.
Notes 1. Students in Quebec require lower average due to the added challenge of completing their education in additional language and taking centralized exams. 2. The Advanced Placement (AP) program makes college- and university-level courses available for students to take while they’re still in high school. See Appendix A for AP course conversion. 3. General Educational Development (GED) test or any adult education diplomas will not be accepted. 4. Reduced course load diplomas will not be accepted.

Post-Secondary Criteria


  1. Overall achievement of 85%, Grade A, or Grade Point 4/4.33, in any undergraduate degree.
  1. College Diploma: Overall achievement Grade A or 85%.
  1. University of Toronto grading scale will be used to convert letter grades and GPA results.

Graduate (Master)

  1. Overall achievement of 85%, Grade A, or GPA 4/4.33, in graduate degree that is not in excluded list (below)
  1. This criterion is also for any candidate in: Doctor of Medicine (MD), Juris Doctor (JD), Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.), and Master of Business Administration (MBA)


  • All doctoral degrees (PhD’s) from reputable universities.


Educational Excellence Awards will not be granted for qualifications or degrees that are necessary for obtaining a professional license.

Below is a list of such qualifications and degrees:

  1. Professional/vocational Certification or Diploma.
  1. Non-degree professional/vocational qualifications.
  1. Transcripts from Professional Body Entry Examinations.
  1. Promotion within a profession or an organization.
  1. A membership of fellowship awarded due to length of service.
  1. An Honorary Degree.
  1. An honor achieved by submitting continuing professional development (CPD) evidence.
  1. Qualifications awarded due to length of service, membership of a professional body or by filing CPD evidence do not qualify.
  1. FRCPC, FRCSC, and other membership level Awards which are a requirement for Licensure for practicing Doctor.
  1. ACA, CIMA, CIPFA, CPA, ACCA qualifications.
  1. LPC, BPTC qualifications.
  1. A Diploma or Certification issued by a Vendor or a Professional Institute.
  1. Ed., or Master of Teaching (MT).
  1. EngTech, P.Eng. qualification.