(From Rules of Tehrike Jadid 2008a)

  1. He shall see that members take keen interest in studying the Holy Qur’ān, the Hadīth, the books written by Promised Messiah (as) and other Jamā’at literature. For this purpose he may prescribe syllabus and periodically give tests to Jamā’at members.
  2. He shall endeavour for the general educational uplift of the Jamā’at. The least requirement is that every Ahmadi should be literate. It is preferred that Ahmadi youth complete at least the higher school education.
  3. He shall see that every Jamā’at carries out a survey of its children and identifies such children who do not attend school in spite of their age.

He should also find out the reasons why such children are not attending school and try to resolve the difficulties which the children or their parents are facing.

If some children find. it difficult to carry on the conventional education, he shall try to guide and motivate them to adopt some suitable vocation.

335. He shall see that Jamā’at youth, men, women, boys and girls pursue higher education. For this purpose he shall provide necessary information, guidance and assistance to Ahmadi youth.

Duties of Secretary Ta`lim