Education Hardship Loans

Our aim is that no promising and deserving Canadian Ahmadi should be deprived of higher education because of financial hardship.


  • Funds will be made available to support eligible individuals after a thorough assessment of their application and circumstances.
  • Loans will be for applicants residing in Canada applying to local (Canadian) educational institutions.
  • Students must show that they have exhausted all available funding options before applying for a hardship loan. Those who can obtain education loans such as CSL, OSAP or education line of credit will not be considered.
  • Loan Applications will not be considered for courses/programs previously completed.
  • Loan applications will be for tuition fees only. Living or travel expenses will not be considered.
  • Canadian Ahmadis applying for institutions outside Canada will be assessed locally but will be sent for approval to markaz based upon the following considerations.
    • If a similar course is available locally, the applicant has to present reasons why he/she is opting for the foreign institution.
    • The foreign institution must be in good standing and highly ranked in the field the applicant is pursuing.
    • The applicant must have a good academic record and will be expected to do well.
    • All sources for obtaining funds must have been exhausted.
  • Medical Schools in the Caribbean will not be considered for loan applications.
  • Students from outside Canada, coming to study in Canadian Institutes, will not be considered for a loan. They should apply to Jama’at in their own country.

Application Form