In the light of the vision set by Hadrat Khalīfatul Masīh the Vth (Published in Al Fadl, Rabwah dated 6th July 2004 and repeated in Al Fadl on 22nd October 2008) National Department of Ta’līm, Jamā’at Ahmadiyya Canada:

  1. Will strive hard to make sure that none of Canadian Ahmadies get deprived of higher education because of limitations of their financial means.
  2. Maintain a database of externally (external to Jamā’at) available financial support and scholarships that Ahmadi Students in Canada can apply for and obtain to support their studies in all fields of higher education.
  3. Jamā’at Ahmadiyya Canada only considers applications for educational financial support from students applying to study in Canadian Educational institutions. Applicants applying to study abroad must apply to the national department of Ta’līm of the country they intend to carry out their studies in.

Application forms for Requesting Financial Support 


Application for an educational loan