Alhamdolillah, students had a class at Nasir Academy on December 4
th 2016.

In many classrooms, the students reviewed what they have learned so far for the midterm exam in January. Students are always reminded to pray Rabbi zidni ilma as they are revising for exams so that they ask Allah for help since He has all power and knowledge and we are weak. Teachers use a variety of strategies for the revision of topics like games and quizzes. Students test each other and table groups compete against each other. Some teachers make resources to help students like question and answer cards.

Teachers at the Nasir Academy are encouraged to use a variety of tools and teachings styles to make the lessons fun and engaging. The teachers are dependent on the support of the parents who check the agenda and then help their child learn all the topics and skills in time for the next class. Teachers keep thorough records of the homework and class work of each student. During the class, teachers note the level of participation of each child and the progress in their learning. Children are sent homework from 3 subjects.

For Holy Qur’an, students are expected to memorize some verses or a Surah from
the Holy Qur’an. They are encouraged to recite it every day in namaz or to a parent. They can use our website in which the Holy Qur’an section provides audio recitation for the children to copy.
They are also expected to learn the translation and in level 4 they are
expected to read the commentary and reflect on what they have learned. For
Prayers, Hadith and Salat, the children are also expected to learn the Arabic,
translation and apply in their prayer as well as in their daily life.


Religious knowledge is a broad subject which covers basic facts about Islam in level
one and then Islamic history, History of Ahmadiyyat, social studies, Islamic sociology
and personal reflection. For this subject the homework can be a range of activities
which may be done individually or as a group.
Students are encouraged to discuss their understanding of sometimes very complex
issues like the feature level4 basic class below.

Students are assessed by an exam and also by continuous assessment tasks which
may be simple questions in the text book or an essay or a presentation in class.
May Allah grant the staff and students the opportunity to obey and to please our
beloved Khalifa. Amen!

Level Four feature
The level 4 advanced boys and girls were presenting group presentations about a
special place. The book lists Mecca, Medinah, Qadian and Rabwah. The teachers and students choose to add other sacred places like London markaz, and Jerusalem. The students were expected to work with their group members during the month and communicate by email. Each member was expected to prepare an aspect of the special place and be able to present to the class why it is spiritually uplifting to visit that place.

Students worked very hard over November and then came together to put the
information on a presentation board and then present to the class. They were assessed according to a rubric which they had been provided in November

May Allah prepare our students as the beacons of our Jama`at. Amen!

Nasir Academy Reviewing our learning