•  Online Classes 

Since the schools are closed until further notice, Talim department has taken an initiative to understand the learning and educational needs of the Ahmadi students who are transitioning to the distance learning amid Covid-19 situation. Please visit the page

  • Postponed – 12th Annual Abdus Salam Science Fair 2020 

In the wake of recent Corona virus (named COVID-19) outbreak in China, the governments around the world, including Government of Canada, are making exceptional measures to reduce the further spread of the virus. The disease continues to effect various parts of Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and North America and this widespread outbreak is due to human-to-human transmission. According to news reports, there are over 95,000 global cases in more than 75 countries.

With this evolving situation the 12th Annual Abdus Salam Science Fair 2020 has been postponed, which was scheduled for Sunday March 08, 2020 in Maple High School. The fair has so far attracted about 200 projects that have been registered on the website. This certainly means that as many as 500 students, parents, visitors, dignitaries and volunteers would have gathered for this annual science event. Given the growing concerns over the safety and security of all the participants, especially the young kids, the decision has been made to postpone the science fair to a later date which will be announced when situation permits.

  • Halloween – Harmless or Harmful fun ? Watch
  • Alberta government orders schools to remove ‘public’ from their names

New provincial legislation from the UCP has removed the word “public” from all Alberta school boards, affecting eight of 41 divisions across the province. Educators and administrators are scrambling to make sense of the sweeping change, which took effect Sept. 1.

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  • Marijuana and its effects on human body

Islam teaches that if some thing harms in larger quantity then its smaller quantity is also to be avoided to protect your self. As such Cannabis and all related drug substances have harms that outweigh any benefit they carry. As such we should stay away from such drug substances at all cost. We should also educate our friends and those who use it that they are harmful. Research is only in the early stages to find the harms of these substances. In few years more harmful effects will come to light