Three summer programs are available from Tuesday 19th July to Thursday 11th August in 2022. Each program will be 4 weeks in length. Those who wish to enroll themselves in any program will be required to complete all components in four weeks.

Ahmadiyya Summer School (Grade 1-8). This will be capped at approximately 150 students [Intake Closed]

Ahmadiyya Summer School is a program under the National Department of Ta`lim that runs from Tuesday 19th July to Thursday 11th August. The program is catered towards grade 1-8 students and provides additional support for curriculum subjects with a major focus on Science, Mathematics and other curriculum areas, in addition to religious education. Due to limited available seats, admission will be granted to students on a first come first serve basis. The classes will be held at Baitul Islam Mosque (10610 Jane St, Maple, ON L6A 3Y1) and start at 8:15 am and end by 1:00 pm Mon-Thur and at 12 pm Noon on Fridays. For more details please email the Principal of the summer school at or 289-207-8522.

Ahmadiyya Tutoring Club (Grade 1-12) [Book a tutor]

Ahmadiyya Tutoring Club is a program under the National Department of Ta`lim that runs year around, however, this year we are arranging a special tutoring program for Grade 1-12 students from Tuesday 19th July to Thursday 11th August to address gaps in learning. This additional support is expected to prepare our students to compete with their peers and better prepare for the upcoming academic year. The tutoring club will be run virtually. 

STEM Workshop (Grade 5-12). This will be capped at 50 students [Intake Closed]

STEM workshop is designed for grade 5-12 students to learn from professionals in the industry, work hands-on and develop skills that may be needed in making decisions for their career choices and future studies. The space in this program is limited to 50 students and admission will be granted on a first come first serve basis to only those students who will commit to completing all components of the course. The STEM club will be run virtually with some in-person events. 

National Tali’m department encourages students and teachers to apply through the below application forms.

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Grade 1-5

All Subjects


Grade 1-8

All Subjects



Grade 6-8Mathematics
Grade 9-12Science