National Department of Talim

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Canada
The Promised Messiah (alayhi al-salam) said
The members of my sect shall so excel in knowledge and insight that they will confound everyone with the light of their truth, and by dint of their arguments and signs. (Divine Manifestations)

The Department

National Department of Talim strives to encourage members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat to improve their religious and secular education.

We provide

  • Career counselling
  • Religious knowledge
  • Urdu learning tools (Urdu Desk — coming soon)
  • Education hardship loans
  • Scholarships (family sponsored)

We run

  • Nasir Academies (Sunday Schools)
  • Ahmadiyya Elementary Schools
  • Girls Hifzul Quran School
  • Aisha Academy Canada

We connect

  • Association of Ahmadi Muslim Scientists (AAMS) Canada
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Teachers Association (AMTA)

We are pursuing

  • New Ahmadiyya Schools

Coming soon

  • Tutoring club

Current Religious Reading - September 2023

📕Reading list
English - Haqatul Wahi - Chapter 1 (7 pages)
Urdu - حقیقت الوحی - باب اول

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